Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ann H. Gabhart's The Innocent

"Keep praying."     When you feel like giving up......keep praying.  When you are hopeless and scared...keep praying.  This book had such a powerful message.  Keep praying.  Carlyn continued to pray even when it was difficult to do so.  She couldn't give up.  There were many times she wanted to but she refused to.  During those trying times, she would hear her mother's voice in her head telling her to continue to have faith and pray.

It is very rare to find a character in a book like Carlyn.  She was loyal even when it wasn't easy for her to be.  Her relationships with her husband, her Shaker sister and her dog were warm and loving.    She could have been a very bitter woman due to her upbringing....her situation with her husband,  her struggles...Curt Whitlow's demands..Sister Edna....but Carelyn survived and was better for it.  Mitchell saw Carlyn's strengths and was drawn to her very early in their relationship.   Carlyn and Mitchell were respectful of each other's choices.  Mitchell was willing to wait until Carlyn was ready to move forward.

I loved this book!   Interesting storyline and historical information about Shakers.

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