Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Forever Safe by Jody Hedlund

I never get tired of reading a book that keeps me turning page after page with pure delight. I loved this book and was so sad when I was finished. 
This book tells the tale of Victoria Cole and Tom Cushman. They each have hidden fears of commitment. This stops them from being Forever Safe. 
Victoria was at risk and needed protection. Arch, her guard, has been by her side faithfully until he was injured while protecting her. Arch referred Tom Cushman for the job. Tom takes his jobs very seriously. He was apprehensive in protecting Victoria. She was too young and beautiful. He knew it would be difficult to keep himself safe from emotional attachment if he allowed himself to get too close to Victoria. 
Victoria was too trustworthy and it often put herself at risk. She was surprised to find out who was behind the threats and attacks against her. She found herself falling for her Tom.
Tom was not at peace or safe due to painful memories and guilty feelings he carried with him for years. Once he learned to trust GOD he was able to let go of his negative thoughts and heal. 
Beautiful story. There were some unexpected twists and turns. Jody Hedlund- I am always ready for your new releases!

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Quieting by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Romance stories centered on Amish families, their lifestyles and their beliefs captivates their audiences. I am included. The Quieting delivers a warm and inviting story of the families in Stoney Ridge.

Abigail Stoltzfus is on a mission. She comes to Stoney Ridge to complete some genealogical research. Her grandmother's mission is to find a husband for Abigail. Grandmother Tillie is convinced that if Abigail controls the way she behaves it will happen. Abigail would love nothing more to find that special someone but not if she has to conform to her grandmother's standards. Abigail is trying to learn to accept that she will never find someone that will love her for whom she is.

Dane Glick is a young man that is convinced Abigail is the one for him. He has no desire to change her. Abigail is not so sure.....

David Stoltfus is living his life alone after his wife died. He should be happy raising his family. He is not sure if he has room in his heart to love anyone ever again. He is attracted to Birdy Glick. His mother, Tillie, is convinced she is not the right one for him. David has the additional struggle in his dealings with Bishop Glick, Birdy's brother. David, Dane and Abigail all must be true to themselves in order to find happiness.

The title of this book is called The Quieting. This is a method of church discipline. But I took the title to mean that David, Dane and Abigail can't silence their feelings. This only leads to confusion, hurt and loss. When they finally speak up and express their desires, true happiness is possible.

I received this book for free to review.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin has been one of my go to writers ever since I discovered her books last year.  She has never disappointed me yet.  She always delivers a story that is real and loved by her readers.  Her main characters in this story are Lillian and Arch.

Lillian and Arch desires to be loved despite their handicaps, flaws or lifestyles.  They both do not believe it's possible.  It almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for both.  Lillian doesn't think anyone can look behind her wooden leg.  Her heart is closed and she won't let anyone in.  She had a horrible experience in the past and is so afraid it will happen again.

Arch has lived a privileged life.  He joins the Military to escape the trappings of being rich.  He doesn't trust that someone can love him for whom he is and not what his name represents.

Arch and Lillian meet.  They each have their own secrets and pain that they endure silently.  They are attracted to each other but their chance of a relationship is null until they Trust in the Lord and know deep in their hearts He is Their Anchor.

As the story develops, Arch and Lillian let down their guards and realize love might just be possible.

This is not just a love story.  This book involves a mystery to be solved by Arch and Lillian.  As a team, they learn to accept what they can not change, solve a mystery and learn that love is possible.

I rate this 5 stars!  I stayed up very late one night to finish this.  Absolutely loved it!

I received this free to review.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Magnolia Duchess by Beth White

This book delivers.  If you love historical fiction, read this.  If you love romance, read this.  If you love a good story, read Magnolia Duchess by Beth White.

The main characters are Fiona and Charles.  They both have responsibilities.  They both go to extremes to protect what they love.  Fiona is strong, independent and passionate.  She will do what it takes to protect her family, her home, her horses and her country.  Charles has a strong sense of duty as  British officer.  He  knows what he must and is expected to do.  The problem is that they are on the opposite sides of the war.

What will they do?  Can Fiona trust Charles?  Should Charles abandon his position for the woman he loves?  Could they live without each other?  Is their a solution to their dilemma?

Beth White allows the reader to experience the inner turmoil and struggles they share.  This book is much more than just a romance.  There is much historical detail in this book.  I loved it.

I received this book for free to review.

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