Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Forever Safe by Jody Hedlund

I never get tired of reading a book that keeps me turning page after page with pure delight. I loved this book and was so sad when I was finished. 
This book tells the tale of Victoria Cole and Tom Cushman. They each have hidden fears of commitment. This stops them from being Forever Safe. 
Victoria was at risk and needed protection. Arch, her guard, has been by her side faithfully until he was injured while protecting her. Arch referred Tom Cushman for the job. Tom takes his jobs very seriously. He was apprehensive in protecting Victoria. She was too young and beautiful. He knew it would be difficult to keep himself safe from emotional attachment if he allowed himself to get too close to Victoria. 
Victoria was too trustworthy and it often put herself at risk. She was surprised to find out who was behind the threats and attacks against her. She found herself falling for her Tom.
Tom was not at peace or safe due to painful memories and guilty feelings he carried with him for years. Once he learned to trust GOD he was able to let go of his negative thoughts and heal. 
Beautiful story. There were some unexpected twists and turns. Jody Hedlund- I am always ready for your new releases!

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