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 Time After Tyme Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Time After Tyme is a fun and thought-provoking mystery about secret codes, university intrigue, and two young girls who fancy themselves 21st-century Nancy Drews.


When strange, coded messages turn up in the chapel prayer box at Bellevue University, the minister suspects a recent campus death may have been murder, so he enlists the help of amateur sleuths Kathryn Frasier and Cece Goldman to decipher the codes and solve the mystery. But when a couple of young girls get wind of it, they decide to find the killer on their own. Almost everyone on campus has something to hide, and the story fluctuates between the rational search for the truth by the adults, and the occasionally misguided, but surprisingly perceptive, insight of the children.


Set on the campus of a modern university, Time After Tyme is both a joyful romp through a cozy mystery and a serious look at the search for truth. The book reminds us of the seasons of our lives, from the irrepressible curiosity of youth to the treasured experience of maturity.


“Now, what do you want to know?”
I decided to use the element of surprise. You know, throw something out unexpected-like
to see their reaction. I locked my eyes onto her face. “What do you know about Mr. Tyme’s
Her pale face went completely white, her eyes got big and round, and her spectacles fell
down onto their bungee cord. I guess there’s a first time for everything. She sat straight up in her
chair and moved a few more books around. I thought maybe she was buying time so she
wouldn’t have to answer me. Sometimes when I bother her, she’ll suddenly remember she has
some books to reshelve, but that didn’t happen. She put her glasses back on and looked at me
again. “Mr. Tyme?” Her voice shot up about an octave. “Why are you asking about him?”
“He died. And I’m going to find out what happened.” There. I said it out loud. I thought maybe
she’d scream and run out of the room.


Kay DiBianca is an award-winning author who loves to create literary puzzles in the mystery genre for her readers to solve. Her characters come to life as they struggle to solve murders and create relationships amidst the ongoing themes of faith and family. Her first novel, The Watch on the Fencepost, won an Illumination Award for General Fiction and an Eric Hoffer Award for Mystery. The second book in the Watch series, Dead Man’s Watch, was a Silver Falchion Award finalist.

Kay is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Sisters in Crime, and the Collierville Christian Writers Group. An avid runner, she can often be found at a nearby track, on the treadmill, or at a large park near her home. Her background in software development fuels her fascination with puzzles and mysteries, and her dedication to running helps supply the endurance and energy she needs to write about them.

Kay and her husband, Frank, live, run, and write in Memphis, Tennessee. You can connect with Kay through her website at

Monday, December 20, 2021

Snowflakes Over The Starfish Cafe


  • Isaiah 41:10. “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
Hollie and Jake.  Two people who were shaped by fear.  Everyone has something in their lives that we are afraid of.  Some can not let it go.  Others learn a way to deal with it and move forward.

I, for one, felt that I had no choice but to move forward.  Hollie's Mom left her a precious gift.  She gave her the permission to move forward, to dance.  But will Hollie listen?

I really enjoyed the book.  It expressed the importance of friends.  Friends are family even a dog named Pickles can be a valued family member.


Pick up a copy and give it a read during the holiday season!! 


Jessica Redland writes emotional but uplifting stories of love, friendship, family and community. Her Whitsborough Bay books transport readers to the stunning North Yorkshire Coast where she lives with her husband, daughter and sprocker spaniel. Her Hedgehog Hollow series, set in a hedgehog rescue centre, takes readers into the beautiful rolling countryside of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Jody Hedlund- Entwined

 Pretty cold outside.  Perfect weather to start the continuing adventure of a series written by Jody Hedlund.  I always am excited to get my hands on one of her books.  I have to support a fellow Michigander.

This book- Entwined- takes me to movies such as Labryth.  It is a fantasy story with characters  that are strong and true.  Loyal to a fault, Sir Ansgar must find a way to save the King.  He will do what he must. Even if it costs him his life.  

Is there anyone like this out there anymore?  Who goes out on the limb for anyone despite the cost?  The first I thought of was the police and firefighters.  They risk their lives to help save others.  They sure don't receive many thanks for their efforts.  They don't get paid a huge amount.  So why do they do it?

This book really took me on an adventure.  I was captivated by Lis and Ansgar.  They were a couple ENTWINED together.


I received this ebook as I am a member of the Jody Hedlund bookclub.  It's a great way to get to know her, enter contests and become influencers of her new releases.  Check it out on Facebook:

JODY HEDLUND is a bestselling and award-winning author who loves fairy tales and happily-ever-afters. She makes her home in Midland, MI, with her husband and five children. When she's not writing another of her page-turning stories, you can usually find her sipping coffee, eating chocolate, and reading.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Protecting Annie

 I am with you; do not be anxious: I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand. ~Isaiah 41:10 (NAB) the Book

A sweet story with a very important message.  GOD is with you always.   In bad times, we need to hold on to get us through.  In good times, we need to give thanks and acknowledging GOD'S blessings.

Annie had no friends or family.  She thought she was alone.  Josh carried a terrible burden.  His guilt was eating him up.  GOD was waiting patiently for them to acknowledge his presence.  

I was divorced and felt so alone.  I was embarrassed and felt angry that this could happen to me.  During this time, I can remember feeling that GOD let me down.  It didn't take long for me to know that GOD was there and he gave me the strength and courage to carry on.  I was never alone.  He didn't let me down.  He was there carrying me and holding me up the entire time.

The Story had some unexpected twists and turns.  How could you not love Wolf, the dog?  Wolf wasn't the beast he was made out to be.  

I received this ebook from Celebrate Lit to review.  

Book: Protecting Annie

Author: Jodie Wolfe

Genre: Western Historical Romance

Release date: November 12, 2021

9781522303558After twenty years living along the trail as a deputy U.S. Marshal, Joshua Walker takes a job as sheriff in Burrton Springs, Kansas so he can be closer to his sister. Only problem is, she no longer requires his protecting.

After the death of her father, Annie McPherson needs a change. She accepts a position as schoolmarm hoping her past won’t catch up with her. Life is good, except for the pesky lawman who creates confrontations at every turn and continually questions her ability to adjust to life in the west.

When the irritating schoolteacher’s past and present collide, dragging Josh into the turmoil, he has to decide who he’s willing to defend.


Click here to get your copy!


About the AuthorJodieWolfe

Jodie Wolfe creates novels where hope and quirky meet. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Faith, Hope & Love Christian Writers, and COMPEL Training. She’s been a semi-finalist and finalist in various writing contests. A former columnist for Home School Enrichment magazine, her articles can be found online at: Crosswalk, Christian Devotions, and Heirloom Audio. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband in Pennsylvania, reading, walking, and being a Grammie. Learn more at


More from Jodie

I’ve always been fond of reading mail-order bride books. Not that I would have ever had the courage to do something so brave. 🙂 But it’s fun writing and reading them. I also love perusing historical journal entries of women who decided to marry a complete stranger. Sometimes it worked out great, other times, not so much. In most cases, the heroine traveled across country to arrive in the west to meet her potential groom. Often they had no idea what each other looked like before they met for the first time. Not that looks matter.

At times the woman was given the opportunity to get to know the fella for a while before they actually married. Other times, they tied the knot as soon as the potential wife arrived at their destination. Some women fled desperate situations in the east, hoping for a better outcome only to find themselves embroiled in another bad position. All of the different scenarios I’ve read about helped to prime the pump for Protecting Annie.


In book one of my Burrton Springs Brides series, Taming Julia, I had the heroine’s brother, Josh set Jules (Julia) up as a mail-order bride. As I was writing that story, I knew it would be fun to change things up in book two and have Jules return the favor by ordering a mail-order bride for Josh. That’s the premise for this new story. Josh isn’t exactly thrilled to learn of his sister’s interference in his life and decision to remain single.


I hope you’ll enjoy the story of two unlikely people who are thrown together.

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To celebrate her tour, Jodie is giving away the grand prize of an audio CD of 12 historical novels and novellas. Stories of chivalry, adventure and romance!!

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Behind Love's Wall

 Negative thoughts can become a reality.  The more we think negative, the more it becomes true.

I am from Michigan.  One of our favorite places to go on vacation is Mackinac Island.  Reading this book was taking me on that vacation.  I was staying at The Grand Hotel without leaving my home.  I could picture the places that Carrie Fancett Pagels wrote about.  Her research was spot on.

Lily and Willa lived in different centuries but shared similarities.  They both were guarded and had secrets.  Both were afraid that if their secrets came out it could change everything they knew and loved.  

 I loved the book.  It had intrigue, romance and so much more!!  This book is part of a series called Doors To The Past.  This book invited me in that door and gave me a chance to visit this wonderful part of Michigan once again.

I received this book from Celebrate Lit and Barbour Books to review.

About the Book

Book: Behind Love’s Wall

Author: Carrie Fancett Pagels

Genre: FICTION/ Christian/Romance

Release date: November 1, 2021

9781636090696 (2)Two successful women, a hundred-and-twenty-years apart, build walls to protect their hearts. Modern-day Willa, a successful interior decorator, is chosen to consult for the Grand Hotel’s possible redesign. She discovers a journal detailing the struggles of a young woman, Lily—which reveals dark secrets. The renowned singer wasn’t who she pretended to be. As Willa reaches out to Lily’s descendant, a charismatic and prominent landscape artist, she lets down her guard. Should she share the journal with him, or once again erect a wall as she struggles to redesign both the Grand and her life?


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author

CarrieFancettPagelsECPA-bestselling author Carrie Fancett Pagels, Ph.D., is the award-winning author of over a dozen Christian historical romances. Twenty-five years as a psychologist didn’t “cure” her overactive imagination! A self-professed “history geek,” she resides with her family in the Historic Triangle of Virginia but grew up as a “Yooper” in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Carrie loves to read, bake, bead, and travel – but not all at the same time! You can connect with her at


More from Carrie

Why I Wrote This Novel


I got a chance to write another novel set on Mackinac Island!!!


I’m the author of over twenty published stories. I have many books, both novel and novella length, set at the Straits of Mackinac including Maggie Award winner and Romantic Times Top Pick My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island. In the summer, I go up to the area and I’m blessed to sign books at the Island Bookstore—sometimes hundreds of books which is such an amazing thing I can’t tell you! Now that MHBoMI is out of print, Barbour has been helping by doing limited print runs for while I am up there.


My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island was originally part of a full series that I pitched but it didn’t get picked up for all three stories. MHBoMI got picked up as part of the My Heart Belongs series that Barbour put out a few years ago. The second book in my original Brides of Mackinac series was heroine Sadie’s story, which was published as a novella “His Anchor” in First Love Forever collection.  So I had two of my book babies delivered out into the world and Lily’s story sat there for a while.


In the Covid summer of 2020, I arrived in my home state of Michigan and over dinner with a close friend I learned that the folks at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island were having legal trouble with their previous long-time designed Carlton Varney suing them. I’d been disappointed that the Mussers, who’d owned the Grand for generations, had sold the hotel but this new development really bugged me.  While I was in the Upper Peninsula, I finished an Indy book, Dogwood Plantation, which only figures since I often write my Michigan stories while I am in Virginia and vice versa! I knew the only other book I wanted to work on was to complete my Brides of Mackinac trilogy (not exactly since they aren’t all in one series!) with Lily’s story. I also had a manuscript about 70% done that was my very first contemporary Women’s Fiction novel. When my agent encouraged me to submit a Mackinac Island story set at the Grand Hotel to Barbour’s Doors to the Past series, I knew immediately that the only story for historical I wanted to write was Lily’s. That meant that I needed, for this dual-timeline series, a contemporary story. That wasn’t just a chance sharing at dinner—I believe the info about the lawsuit was meant to be passed on to me one of those God-incidences. My modern-day heroine then became an established resort designer who had a trunkful of issues just like Lily did.


Was I ever glad that I had finally written my first contemporary Women’s Fiction (Butterfly Cottage) because that skill set came in very handy in writing the modern-day 2020 story of Willa in Behind Love’s Wall! This was the most difficult novel to write that I have done so far as I write in character and going back and forth between the 1895 and 2020 timelines could be draining. I tried to write each character and setting on separate days but that couldn’t always be managed.


I pray that this story will touch readers’ hearts. I pray that someone, like the young waitress I meant on Mackinac Island who had been spiritually moved by My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island (she read her grandmother’s copy after her grandma passed away!), will read this book and feel that connection to our Maker. That’s what Christian Fiction is all about!

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To celebrate her tour, Carrie is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon gift card and a copy of the book!!

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Sisters Behaving Badly

Reading this reminded me of the movie - White Christmas with Rosemary Clooney.  The sisters in this movie get along much better than the two sisters in this story.  

 Kitty and Jennie are sisters that have had past misunderstandings. This trip to France was a chance for them to reconnect.  

It was quite comical at times!  I enjoyed how Kitty and Jenny discovered the possibilities before them and realizing getting older isn't that bad!!

I received this ebook to review from Boldwood Books.  #blogtour #BoldwoodBooks

Main Results


Those who've seen us
Know that not a thing can come between us.
Many men have tried to split us up, but no one can.
Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister,
And Lord help the sister that comes between me and my man.


Maddie Please was born in Dorset, brought up in Worcestershire and went to University in Cardiff.

After a career as a dentist Maddie now lives in Devon with her exceptionally handsome and supportive husband. They have 4 adult-ish children all of whom have left home and are probably rather surprised by all this. She did warn them.

Maddie is a voracious reader, and would enjoy hoovering, defrosting the fridge and cleaning the windows but unfortunately she doesn't really have time. She is very disciplined and sensible about her writing and she likes to write every day because it gets her out of doing the ironing.

The Summer of Second Chances
 is Maddie's debut novel, and it was the result of Chris Manby’s brilliant plotting workshop in beautiful Cornwall..


The Old Ducks Club Is the latest book by Maddie Please and is published by Boldwood Books. It has an older main character who finds to her surprise that age is no barrier to having fun, making friends and finding love again.

The Summer of Second Chances Maddie's debut was published by Avon Harper Collins in July 2017 and was an Amazon best seller in the UK and Australia. A Year of New Adventures followed in February 2018, A transatlantic crossing on the wonderful Cunard ship QM2 led to Maddie’s third book Come Away With Me, published in August 2018. Maddie's fourth book, The Mini-Break was published in May 2019 All these books are uplifting, romantic comedies with a steep learning curve for her characters, reflecting the sometimes confusing experiences of today's women (and men). She likes the Bourne Trilogy, anything to do with Christmas, America, cruises and writing. In her spare time she likes watching American box-sets, thinking about holidays and drinking red wine. Maddie is represented by DHH Literary agency with agent Broo Doherty.

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Silencing the Siren


Silencing the Siren Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Book: Silencing the Siren

Author: Denise L. Barela

Genre: Christian Historical Mystery, Fairytale

Release date: January 4, 2022

Andrew Grayson thought he had everything… until he met her.

The indulged son of wealthy parents, Andrew has always gotten whatever he wanted almost before he knew he wanted it—clothes, gadgets… even a car! What more could a young man desire?

Enter Annabel Thompson. Freakshow mermaid extraordinaire… in a wheelchair!

Of course, her beauty attracts him. How could it not? Add to that a kind heart, and Andrew can’t help but fall for her.

Annabel’s connection with the freakshow repels his parents and their society friends. They want him to sever all ties with her and his new friends. Oh, and marry the “right” girl with the “right connections.” But he won’t do it. He’ll defy them and marry his little mermaid.

When Annabel turns up missing, declared dead, things don’t add up, Andrew begins asking some difficult questions, the most important being, “What happened to the little mermaid of the Coney Island freak show?”

Find out in this next book in the Ever After Mysteries, combining beloved fairy tales and mysteries. Silencing the Siren offers a retelling of “The Little Mermaid” that will keep you gripped to the edge of your seat as you watch the story unfold.


 Silencing the Siren Excerpt Four

He’d been told the attraction that had popped up on Coney Island would provide just that. Envy had burrowed itself in his heart when all his friends spoke of the place and all their experiences. No matter how much he had tried convincing his parents to allow him to go, they wouldn’t budge. Desperate times called for desperate measures. He was forced to an abrupt stop when two children ran across his path. Andrew smiled at their laughter as they passed by him. How he longed to experience those days at least once more. Back when life was about all the toys his parents would buy him to keep him happy. He had been a boy who wanted for nothing because he had everything. Even now, Andrew’s parents bought him everything he wanted within reason. Although, it had taken him a few weeks to convince them to buy him a car. They caved in the end. 

Andrew Grayson was a spoiled, rich boy in every sense of the word, though he didn’t exactly flaunt it. Okay, maybe he did flaunt it. Anyhow, people knew his situation and wanted a part of it. At the start of it all, Andrew adored the attention lavished upon him.


Denise Barela’s passion for fiction, her faith, and general creativity define her life. In all things, she strives to glorify God, though especially in and through her writing. She has spent the past six years working for a publicity company and five years working as the head editor for a publishing company. With an MFA in Creative Writing and a Professional Writing certificate, Denise enjoys using her education and work experiences to help authors achieve their own writing dreams. When she’s not working away at her desk, you might find her reading a good book or following Alice down the rabbit hole…

Love on a Whim

I don't know anyone who doesn't love ice-cream.  My favorite is butter pecan.  But after reading  this story, double-fold vanilla so...