Monday, March 14, 2016

Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson

I always love the opportunity to read a new author's book.  You have no idea what to expect.  This was the first book I have read by Liz Johnson.  I was ready to open the door at the Red Door Inn and get to know all who lived there.

Jack had a dream.  His dream was to fulfill his deceased wife's dream to open a bed and breakfast on Prince Edward Island.  Marie had the need to escape.  Seth had to learn to forgive and forget.  Jack had such a big heart.  He was dealing with his own grief but he saw how Marie needed to be rescued.  He already had his nephew, Seth, helping him complete Rose's dream.

Marie always was trying to win her father's approval.  She never could even if it meant she was giving up her dreams.  She found it hard to believe that Jack really meant what he said that she could stay and help him complete the inn.  Seth was burned by his past love and didn't trust Marie.  He was keeping an eye on her as it was just a matter of time she was going to rip off Jack.

Seth and Marie eventually learned to let down their guard and shared their pain.  They learned to trust again.  This is when they healed.  Jack was so busy fulfilling his deceased wife's dream that he didn't really know what he wanted until he met Aretha, the shop owner down the street.

What a delight to to be a guest at the Red Door Inn.  All were welcome.  It was a place to call home.  A place to find peace and and allow God to give you the strength and guidance to make your dreams come true.

I received this book for free.

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