Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dance and Be Glad by Melissa Wardwell

Dance and Be Glad is a title that we all can live by.  It makes my heart sing just by reading the title of this new book by Melissa Wardwell.  There are two other books that precede this one but you can read this book all by itself.

I really enjoyed Jill and Michael's story.  She is alone raising her daughter after her husband died over 9 years ago.  Life is a struggle for her. Jill is holding on to the past as protection of any chances of being hurt in the future.   But with this comes a price.......she  is not allowing herself to feel true joy and happiness.

Michael is a doctor that thinks his life is going well.  He is planning on opening up a new clinic in town.  He unexpectedly is now raising his young niece.  Can he do it?  He turns to Jill for advice and help.

Jill and Michael were once a couple years ago.  Her father interfered and their relationship was over.  Sparks fly and with the help of Jill's daughter and Michael's niece there might be a chance of a future together.

This book was just like an old-fashioned love story.  Michael knew he had to court Jill to win her back.  I appreciated the integrity of Michael and Jill in this book.  It wasn't all about them.  They had others to think about.  They loved their family and friends and would go out of the way to help others

I enjoyed reading this book.  It was about Jill and Michael but also about their community and the love they had for their children.  I highly recommend this book.

I received this book free to review.

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