Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jennifer Beckstrand and the Honeybee Sisters:= Sweet as Honey, A Bee In Her Bonnet and Like a Bee to Honey

I just received three books that are part of a series called The Honeybee Sisters by Jennifer Beckstrand. I never heard of this author until I received these ebooks free to review. The books were "sweet as honey" and I couldn't put them down. The books are about the three sisters that were raised by their maternal aunt, Aunt Bitsey. Aunt Bitsey is unconventional but the Christner Girls love her to bits.
Sweet as Honey:
Lily is insecure and loyal to a fault. Her boyfriend, Paul, doesn't deserve her loyalty. But Lily needs to come to this conclusion herself. She is very confused as to where her heart truly lies. Is it Dan? Or Paul?
A Bee in her Bonnet:
Poppy is independent and will protect the ones she loves at all
costs. She doesn't believe anyone could care for her as she is not a typical young Amish woman. She has found herself punching a few boys in her lifetime to get her point across. Can Luke have a place in her heart after putting up with him throughout childhood?
Like a Bee to Honey:
Rose is shy and is easily frightened. She believes that she is a burden to her family. She shys away from any man who shows an interest and is happy to stay home withh Aunt Bitsey and the cats. But Josiah enters the picture and Rose finds him opening the door to her heart that she thought was permanently closed.
All three sisters had their own perceptions as to whom they really were and how they thought they were seen by others. It wasn't what they thought at all. At times, I was aggravated by their beliefs and wanted to shake each one of them out of it. They were prisoners of their own fears. Once they allowed Dan, Luke and Paul into their hearts, they learned that they were lovable just as they were. Aunt Bit had her own surprise at the end.....nothing is always what it seems.
I rate these books 5 stars. I loved the sisters, Aunt Bit and the community that they lived in. When an author can create a character that I loathe such as Paul, that's talent!!!!!

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  1. Jeanette, thank you so much for your review! You've made my day. Aunt Bitsy is one of my favorite characters ever, and of course, Paul is the guy you love to hate. Even though the Amish don't believe in revenge, I think he got what was coming to him in "Like a Bee to Honey." :)


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