Thursday, March 30, 2017

Is she dead?


What an ending!  I never would have guessed the outcome.  I was totally surprised.  This genre isn't one I normally pick up.  I was ready for a change as I seem to read the same type of book over and over.

Avery has a lot on her shoulders.  She carries the shame of her past.  She also feels responsible for her friend, Skylar.

It was enjoyable and so suspenseful.  I quickly turned page after page until the ending.

Will Avery learn to forgive herself?

Will Parker allow himself to love again?

Will Skylar be found?

Who is responsible?

Dani Pettrey has all the answers.  I loved the suspense and enjoyed this book.

This is one book that makes you eager for the ending so the mystery is wrapped up but sad when it was over.

Great book!

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