Friday, April 21, 2017

Witch by Denise Weimer


Whew!  It was wonderful!  Great story.  A meaningful message.

This book is the third of the series called Restoration.  I am so happy that I read book one and two.  It gave me the opportunity to see Jennifer and Michael's growth as they were fully restored.  They both carried such a heavy load and this created difficulty for their relationship to develop.

GOD brought the two together.  He knew their hurts and struggles.  But GOD had a plan for them. GOD is a waster of nothing.  GOD knew it was a matter of time that when they turned to him that all of their pain, sorrow and loss would vanish.

GOD is the RESTORER.  He has the power to cleanse our souls when we give our lives to him.  GOD is there to pick us up when we fall, to hold us when we are hurt  and to strengthen us when we are weak.

GOD was there for Jennifer.  She only had to open her heart to his WORD and she was on the path to recovery.  It took Michael a little more time but when they embraced the love of GOD, healing took place and their love could flourish.

I loved this book as well as the whole series.  It was thought provoking and made me want to move to that community

On a sidenote, my stepdaughter graduated in April 2016 with her Master's in Historic Preservation.  My interest to read this was peaked when I saw that it was based on Jennifer restoring historic properties.

Lovely book.  Five stars.

About the Author

DENISE WEIMER holds a journalism degree with a minor in history from Asbury University. A former magazine writer, she is the author of romantic novella REDEEMING GRACE, The Georgia Gold Series (SAUTEE SHADOWS, THE GRAY DIVIDE, THE CRIMSON BLOOM, and BRIGHT AS GOLD – winner of the 2015 John Esten Cooke Award for outstanding Southern literature) and The Restoration Trilogy (WHITE, WIDOW and WITCH). Denise is a wife and swim mom of two daughters who always pauses for old houses, coffee and chocolate!

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