Saturday, September 2, 2017

Whisper by Mark Batterson

I received this for free and thought I would attempt to read this book.  I never heard of Mark Batterson.  After reading this book, I'm sure I'll look for his other books. 
 Whisper....a good title to grab your attention.  It's about hearing GOD when HE is talking to you.  Yes, HE does talk to you but often we don't pay attention.  There were many notes I took while reading this.  
1.  GOD enters by invitation only.  You have to invite him in.  He is ready when you are.  

2. FAITH is taking the first step before GOD reveals the second one.  Sometimes you have to leap based on faith alone.

3.  GOD puts people in our lives to draw out our potential.  GOD has a plan for us.  We don't know (only GOD does) the significance of whom we meet and have contact with on a daily basis.   A meeting with one person can alter our whole lives.  Mark Batterson calls this the " human pinball". 

4.  You are the answer to someone's else prayer.  This put things in perspective for me. A smile, a kind word, helping someone out......can make a major impact on someone.  At times, when I was working, I felt like what I was doing didn't really matter.  But later I was approached by previous clients and they told me that I did help them.  I asked one young man, please tell me what did I say?  Maybe I could use this piece of knowledge over And over again.  He said I listened.

GOD IS TALKING TO US.  We just have to listen.

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