Thursday, August 22, 2019

Dear Grandchild, This Is Me

I have three grandchildren that I treasure.  They often ask me questions about when I was born, what was on tv when I was a child and my oldest grandson was amazed that I was born close to when Godzilla just came out.

I was given the opportunity to review and share a book called Dear Grandchild, This Is Me.  I flipped through the pages and it made me take a trip down memory lane.  Where was I born?  Where did I live?  The book is one where you answer questions and tell your grandchild(ren) about who you are.

I will take my time filling out the pages. I won't give it to them until they are older.  It will be a gift for them in the future but a gift to me to relive the ups and downs of my life as I see it.

I received this free from Water Brook to review.

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