Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham

Letter writing has become a lost art.  I loved receiving mail from my grandparents who lived in England.  I would get excited when I saw a letter in the mailbox from them.  Now over 50 years later I can pull out a letter and relive the moment.  I have a token of their love saved.

Do you believe in destiny?  Was Penny meant to meet Thomas?  When one of his letters landed in the dead letter office, she was intrigued.  She knew she had to make sure the letter got to it's recipient.

Have you ever made a decision on impulse?  What happened?  Did you live to regret it?  Penny and Thomas' story would have been different if she wasn't the one who got his letter.

All our stories would have been different if we didn't take a chance or a gamble.  Some examples are leaving one job for another, entering a relationship and sometimes just taking a risk.

Penny took a leap of faith that she was doing the right thing.  Her risk left her vulnerable but it was worth it.  Could Thomas take that chance?

I really enjoyed the story.  I also loved where the author spoke of how her husband and her have made memory books of their love story.  Very sweet and romantic.

I recommend this book to others that need to remember that life is about taking risks.  It can pay off.

I received this free to review from Revell Books.

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