Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Change of Heart

Becca had to get away.  It was a time to heal from a broken heart.  Ruth, Becca's sister, was a grieving widower.  Becca was jilted at the altar.  Together they could get through this difficult time.

Becca had no idea that her life would change so drastically.  Would she regret her decisions?  

Becca might have changed her location but she remained strong in her beliefs.  She loved Matt but would not marry him.

Becca's decision to leave her Amish home was a difficult one.  This was a big deal.  I would have thought it would be more of a struggle.  I assume she didn't think of leaving before she was jilted. Becca left but didn't leave her faith. Her faith kept her strong.

It was a lovely story about acceptance and what constitutes a family. Matt's parents needed a Change of Heart.  

I received this free from Celebrate Lit to review.

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