Saturday, September 10, 2022

Revell- Beneath the Bending Skies

A glorious story of a woman who lived a life that she never expected to have.  She lived trying to please others especially her father.   

Mollie did everything she could to please her father.  He knew how to make her feel guilty.  He didn't do this as much to the other children in the family.  Why Mollie? What would have happened if she did what her father wanted?  What was her father's intentions?  Did he want Mollie to be happy?  Was he merely being selfish? What was his motivation?

Mollie finally made a decision that her father didn't approve of.  This decision changed the course of her life.  She knew that it was a risk she had to take.

I enjoyed Beneath the Bending Skies and the background of the story.  It brought this time period to life.  

The cover is beautiful.  

I received this book from Revell to review.

Jane Kirkpatrick is a best-selling author whose novels include the BookSense 76 Selection, A Name of Her Own, Every Fixed Star, and the acclaimed Kinship and Courage series: All Together in One Place, No Eye Can See, and What Once We Loved. Jane is a winner of the Wrangler Award from the Western Heritage Center and National Cowboy Hall of Fame. She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, inspirational retreat leader, and speaker.

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