Sunday, March 15, 2020

Out of the Embers

Evelyn was confident someone was watching her.   She lived her life in fear.

Wyatt wanted to escape.  He was afraid of what would happen if he did.

GOD had a plan.  He brought Evelyn to Mesquite Springs, Texas.  

Family doesn't always mean Mom, Dad, sister and brother.  Evelyn opened her heart to Polly.  They became a family. Polly is an orphan who was in danger. Evelyn will protect her at all cost.  Wyatt was there to protect them both.

This story shows the love between members of the community and what they would do for each other.  Evelyn and Polly escaped from the embers and was saved by Wyatt and the citizens of Mesquite Springs.

I loved the story and the relationships that Evelyn developed with Wyatt and others.

I received this for free from Revell to review.

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