Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Runaway Bride

News Flash:  another great book by Jody Hedlund!!!  I was excited to receive this book as I did read the first book of this series.  I just broke my arm so I had all the time in the world to devour this story.

Was Arabella a runaway bride?  Or was she finally stepping up and making decisions for herself?   She was put in a terrible position by her father and his boss.  Was there anyway she could do to save herself and her father's situation?

  Arabella was reminded that she was not alone.  GOD was by her side.  He was her strength.  He gave her the courage to do what is right. She had strong women in her life that reminded her of GOD's love for her and her well being.

Peter was trying to fulfill his dreams.  He had regrets about his past.  He asked for forgiveness and GOD was with him in his weak moments.  He was reminded by Father Abe how GOD was there for him in good times and bad.

We all need spiritual advisors in our lives. 

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!” (vv. 9-10).
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

I loved the story.  It had romance and valuable lessons thrown in.  GOD is by our side at all times.  We must pray to him and ask for his guidance in our lives. 

Jody Hedlund:


Like many writers, I’ve been writing since my childhood days. I always loved telling stories. However, as I began my college years, I quickly realized that creative writing wasn’t a career track that would help pay the bills. For a time, God moved me into social work. I went on to get my masters and was thankful for the experiences and opportunities I had during those years of helping underprivileged people. I can see now how many of my heroines have that same passion for helping others.
While I was working all those years, I was still writing and submitting manuscripts. I took a seven year break after my twins were born. At that time I had a toddler and twin babies and so I was just slightly busy changing diapers! But I couldn’t stay away from writing forever and eventually started again. The first book I wrote after my hiatus was The Preacher’s Bride.
When I began to query The Preacher’s Bride, the manuscript was rejected by all but one agent. Even with that one busy agent, my manuscript went into the To-Be-Read slush pile where it languished. However, while waiting to garner attention, I didn’t sit around idly twirling my thumbs. I worked hard during those months and went on to write another book. I kept building my online presence and I entered a number of writing contests.
The Preacher's BrideAfter two manuscripts finaled in ACFW’s Genesis contest (one of them The Preacher’s Bride), I contacted the agent who had my manuscript to let her know. She pulled my manuscript to the top of her slush pile, read it, and offered me representation within a couple of days. She went on to land me a three-book contract within a few months’ time.
The Preacher’s Bride debuted in 2010, became a CBA bestseller, and won multiple awards. Since then, I’ve gone on to publish many more award-winning books which you can discover on my Books Page.

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