Saturday, May 16, 2020

Karen Witemeyer's AT LOVE'S COMMAND

I always enjoy a book where the female lead is not a shrinking violet.  Josephine is certainly not that.  She is opinionated.  She is sassy.  She is smart.  And she is a doctor!

Matt had no room for romance in his life.  He just didn't meet Dr. Jo yet.

Matt is the whole package.  He is handsome, strong and a decent man.  He valued Jo's strengths and loved her for them.

Two strong characters that are drawn to each other, both fighting their feelings but realizing that love can't be denied.  Disaster strikes and each must fight for what they hold dear.

I loved how their faith carried them in good times and bad.  Their faith encouraged them when it appeared that all was lost.  They never gave up. During these times in the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to hold on to our faith.

I enjoyed this story and look forward to more books in the series.  You can't go wrong with any books written by Karen Witemeyer.

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