Sunday, October 11, 2020

Point of Danger

Eve Reilly has a successful career.  She has two wonderful and loyal sisters.  She moved into a great neighborhood with wonderful neighbors (so she thinks).  What more could she want?

Eve is a strong woman with conservative values.  She is a radio talk show where she speaks her mind.  It can and does cause her occasional problems. She has some listeners that want her to shut up and disappear.  

I enjoyed the book.  It was timely for this moment in history.  I could relate to Eve.  And Brent, the detective, was a great match for Eve.  

I always love a story where you get background information on a character.  It makes you understand what makes them tick. I guess it is the social worker in me.  

I took this book on a camping trip.  It was perfect to read and relax by the campfire.

I received this free from Revell to review.

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