Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Jody Hedlund's A Cowboy For Keeps

 I have always been a fan of westerns. So I have watched a lot of the old tv shows as they don't make them like they used to.  I sound like my elderly relatives.  So when I have a chance to read a book based on the old west.....I am in heaven.

This book is the newest one from Jody Hedlund. It is going to be part of a series...hooray!  The series is called Colorado Cowboys.

I received this free to review from the author.  I was so excited as I have read many books by this author.  I have never been disappointed.  Her books are wonderful to read and not filled with any vulgarity.  I appreciate that.

This story is about Greta and her sister, Astrid.  There is much love between the sisters.  Astrid is a delight.  She reminds me of my granddaughter.  Astrid loves life!!!

Greta must make a decision quickly that will change their lives drastically.  Wyatt gets an offer that is hard to refuse.  

The supporting characters were strongly written and I hope they will be in the future books of the series.  Judd is quiet but when he talks it is a must listen.  A good friend to have.  

“You can walk away every time the flies start bitin’. Or you can swat ’em until they’re gone.”  This is one quote of Judd's that I loved.  This is so true.  Anytime things are difficult or not going as planned, what can you do?  You have a choice of giving up or put up a fight.  GOD is with you throughout the good and bad times.  He listens to your prayers.  He will take on your burdens.  

I highly recommend this book.  I loved it!!!!!

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