Monday, August 15, 2022

The Apple Creek Announcement- vol. 3 of Creektown Discoveries

Apple Creek, Ohio.  A place I want to visit.  A wonderful place to call home.

This is Book 3 of the series.  You could read by itself but I recommend reading all three in order.  You are re-introduced to Lois and Orley.  They are a wonderful Amish couple who run the antique store.  Their love for each other spills over onto others.  

Andrea had her life planned out.  Until she found out the circumstances of her birth.  This news confuses and overwhelms her.  Everything is not the way it seems.  

I loved the book.  I was quite surprised by the ending.  You will be, too.

I received this book from Wanda Brunstetter's Clippity Clop Club to review.

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