Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Revell- The All-American


The cover caught my interest right away.  Maybe it was due to the color red or the mitt and ball in her hand.  Whatever, this story kept me interested until the very last page. 

This family like all families have their ups and downs.  But how they deal with it, is the story.  

What's more American than baseball? One of the daughters, Bertha, loves baseball.  It gives her opportunities that few are offered.

The youngest daughter, Flossie, is a hoot.  She is a firecracker.  She brings so much life to the family.  Her vibrancy affects so many.  I love her conversations with her family members. 

There is a line in the book that I can't forget.  Their Dad was quite wise.  He wrote "  I can’t change the pain, but I can fight to remember the good in everything."  This is worth remembering.

I loved that it was based in Michigan.  I didn't have any idea about that.   I live in Michigan so I could relate to the story locations.

Thanks to Revell I was given the opportunity to read this and review. 

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Susie Finkbeiner is the CBA bestselling author of All Manner of Things, which was selected as a 2020 Michigan Notable Book, as well as Stories That Bind Us, The Nature of Small Birds, and other novels. Susie and her husband have three children and live in West Michigan. Learn more at 

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