Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Healing of the Heart by Loree Lough

New authors excite as I don't know what to expect.  Will I want to finish the book?  Will I be sad when I turn to the last page?  This book was the first book I ever read by this author.  I saw it was Book 3 and was prepared to be confused and bewildered for awhile.  But I was able to catch on pretty quick and could figure out what Ruby McCoy was all about. 

Ruby felt responsible for her father's actions.  She was trying to pay back to all the people who were harmed by her father.  She travelled from city to city to accomplish this goal.  She was afraid to let anyone know who she was as she knew that she would be shunned and thrown out of town.  She kept her identity a secret. 

She arrived in Fairplay to try to erase her guilt.  She sensed that Fairplay was different.  She felt like she belonged there.  It didn't hurt that she was attracted and interested in the town's sheriff, Rex Truett.

Rex took care of his aunt and two orphan children.  He wanted to protect them from any harm.  He wanted to adopt the children but he had two strikes against him.  He was single and he had a dangerous job.  He was the sheriff.  He became the sheriff of Fairplay after his father was killed by a villain. He felt guilty that his father was at the bank (the scene of the crime) because of him.  It was his fault that his father was there in the first place.

Ruby and Rex made life decisions on their feelings of guilt.  Neither were guilty of anything but took it upon themselves anyway.  This guilt dictated their decisions.

Rex and Ruby fell in love but also learned that no matter what they did the feeling of being responsible of something they had no control over could never go away.  They had to learn to allow themselves to feel God's love and understand what they can and can not control. 

With this new understanding, they were to able to turn to each other and grab on to the happiness they both deserved. 

Great book.  I received this book free to review.  I highly recommend the book as well as the series Secrets on Sterling Street.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Blue Ribbon Brides Collection

Story collections are great to read.  They are quick, enjoyable and to the point.  I am always excited when a new collection comes out.  This collection is about young women who aim for the Blue Ribbon prize as a way to fulfil their dreams.

Altered Hearts by Gina Welborn is the story of Reba and her dreams to live in the city and open a millinery shop.  She visited the city when she was a child and she decided that there is where she wanted to go.  Reba loved designing hats.  Winning the Blue Ribbon gave Reba the courage to leave Parker, South Dakota for the big city. 

Levi had a plan but didn't discuss it with Reba and he assumed she was agreeable.  He was going to marry Reba and live with his family at the dairy farm. 

Reba felt she was a failure and that the success of her shop would reveal  God's will for her life.  She opened her shop but realized she didn't have the business sense to keep it going. 

Levi realized that he never properly courted Reba.  Reba looked at him as a friend.  Well, he wasn't going to sit by and lose her.  He was going to Sioux Falls and persuade Reba to marry him.

Levi's dream was to study horticulture but he put his dream aside to assist his family's dairy farm in accounting and paperwork.   Reba's dream was for her shop to be successful as she loved designing hats.  The more successful her shop, the less time she had to design hats.

Both were praying to God asking for guidance.  How can they come together and agree on their future? 

This book is about compromise, prayer and God's will for our future.  

I received this book free to review.  The stories were delightful. 

Five stars

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Friday, October 7, 2016

The Devoted by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Devoted by Suzanne Woods Fisher

I have had the privilege to read the three books of the The Bishop’s Family Series.  This is book three.  The characters in The Devoted have become like a family to me.  It is an honor to be a part of David Stoltzfus’ family. 

Ruthie Stoltzfus is trying to decide what to do in her life and what direction to turn.  She is at the crossroads.  Her Aunt Ruth doesn’t want Ruthie to regret her decision. 

Aunt Ruth is known as Dok as she left the Amish to become a doctor in the big city.  She realizes that she wants more and moves back to Stoney Ridge to give back to the community that she loves.  She has a journey of her own but will she be open to what the future has in store for her?

Patrick wants to be Amish.  He comes to Stoney Ridge to learn but he didn’t plan on meeting someone like Ruthie. 

David Stoltzfus is the bishop to the church in Stoney Ridge.  He feels that something is wrong in his community and is trying to make it right even though the congregation disagrees.

Luke Schrock is causing trouble for Ruthie.  She isn’t the only one that is fed up with his antics.  Luke is out of control.  What will it take to get Luke the help that he needs?

The title of the book is The Devoted.  Everyone is devoted to their family, friends and the community in this book.  They remain true to the words of God even if at times it can be difficult to stay on that path.  

I enjoyed this book as well as the series.  I hope that there will be another in this series as the story still has some story lines that it can explore.  What will happen with Patrick and Ruthie?  Birdy and David?  Dok and Matt?  Luke?

Friday, September 30, 2016

Newton & Polly by Jody Hedlund

Jody Hedlund hit it out of the park with this new book called Newton & Polly.  This book is about John Newton who wrote the beautiful song - AMAZING GRACE.

John just had a glimpse of Polly and fell in love with her immediately.  She was beautiful.  He later discovered that she was as beautiful in the inside as well.  Polly felt something towards John but John made it difficult for anything to develop between them.  To John's despair, Polly's father forbid him to see her.  He felt that all he needed was to obtain wealth and her father would allow him to court Polly.

John was his own worse enemy.  He was in turmoil.  He had difficulty with every one.  He hurt his father, his friends and his family. He didn't know what way to turn until that one night where he finally got down on his knees and prayed to the Almighty Father.  With that one simple act, John saw what God has been willing to offer him all along.  John found forgiveness, redemption and grace.
Polly never gave up that John could be the man that we born to be. 

This was a very hard book to read at times as it hurt to see John in so much pain.  He was his own worst enemy.

Thank you, Ms. Hedlund, for putting this story down on paper for all of us to read and learn from.

I highly recommend this to all my friends and family.

Five Stars!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna M. White

A Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna M. White

Can a person really change?  Or are you destined to continue making the same mistakes over and over?  These are the questions Cayton asks himself.  He was unsure if he could risk a chance to love again after all the pain he created.  He believed that if he dared to open his heart, he would harm someone so very precious to him.  But he couldn’t get her off of his mind….and she slowly made him believe that love just might be possible.

Ella heard the rumors about Cayton.  But she was drawn to him and to his daughter, Addie.

A Lady Unrivaled is the third book of the series – Ladies of the Manor.  I didn’t read the first two books.  It did create a disadvantage as it took me awhile to figure who was who and what this book was about.  But after a few chapters I was okay.  I quickly connected to Ella and her zest for life.  She was brave and determined to protect all who were in possession or connected to the Fire Eye Diamonds.  Even if it might cause her death….

I enjoyed reading this book that was a love story and a mystery.  It was never dull.  There were bad guys, spies, twists and turns and enough excitement to the very last page.

I received this book free to review.  I rate it five stars.  Now I need to pick up the first two books to find out what started this drama.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Love's Faithful Promise by Susan Anne Mason

I stayed up way to late to finish this book last night.  As I was turning the last page I felt sad it was over.  This book 3 of the Courage To Dream Series.  I read every book and it was a pleasure.

I highly recommend that Ms. Mason continue the saga with the next generation.  I want to know more about this wonderful family.

This book is about Deirdre and her dream to attend medical school.  She has what it takes but this in 1922 and women were not so easily accepted in this role.  Dr. Matthew Clayborne works with wounded soldiers and is practicing physical therapy.  He prefers to be isolated from the world.  His only concern is his daughter, Phoebe.  He will do anything to protect her.

Deirdre comes to Toronto to persuade Dr. Clayborne to come to Irish Meadows to help her Mother.  Their lives will forever change after this meeting.

Deirdre and Matthew thought they had their lives planned out.  But it wasn't GOD'S plan.

I loved this book.  I enjoyed reading their story and watching their love grow.  They had to take the leap of faith and takethat chance of finding happiness that they both deserved.

I received this book free to review.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Christmas Angel Project by Melody Carlson

Is it too early to be reading a Christmas book?  No, this book is not just a Christmas themed book but a book that brings a smile to your face and enjoyment any time of year.  I have read some books by Melody Carlson before so I didn't think she would disappoint me in this one.   And she didn't!

The message I received from this book was GIVING.  When you give from your heart, the whole world will be a better place because of it.  Abby Wentworth gave all year round to her friends and to everyone in her community.  Her legacy was a gift to her friends.

This story is about Abby's friends giving back and what they gained from their experiences.  Christmas is not the only time of year to give of yourself to your family, friends and community.  

Loved the book.  Loved the characters.  Love, Love, Love Melody Carlson.  I will continue to look for her books as they come out as I have enjoyed each one I have opened.

Five STARS!!!

I received this book from free from Baker Books to review.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Without Warning by Lynette Eason

 This is Book 2 of the Elite Guardians Series.  I didn't read Book 1 so at times I wasn't up to what was happening.  Ms. Eason made it quite easy to follow along in Book 2.  Plots were explained and I became quite intrigued by the storyline.

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery.  I had no clue as to whom the "bad guy" was.  It took me by surprise when it was revealed.  
Kate Singleton, partner in the Elite Guardians Protection Agency, was a woman of strength and conviction.  She was vulnerable and had some fears to overcome.  She gets the job done even with reservations.

Dan Williams has his own issues to deal with.  He is now the guardian of his teenage niece, Ruby.  She is has a feeling that something bad is going to happen to her Uncle Dan.  So she hires Ms. Singleton to protect her Uncle.  

I appreciated the love the characters had for each other that was shown throughout the book.  I have never heard of Lynette Eason and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book.  Finally a book where the main character, Kate, was a strong woman.  I look forward to reading other books by this author.  

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jennifer Beckstrand and the Honeybee Sisters:= Sweet as Honey, A Bee In Her Bonnet and Like a Bee to Honey

I just received three books that are part of a series called The Honeybee Sisters by Jennifer Beckstrand. I never heard of this author until I received these ebooks free to review. The books were "sweet as honey" and I couldn't put them down. The books are about the three sisters that were raised by their maternal aunt, Aunt Bitsey. Aunt Bitsey is unconventional but the Christner Girls love her to bits.
Sweet as Honey:
Lily is insecure and loyal to a fault. Her boyfriend, Paul, doesn't deserve her loyalty. But Lily needs to come to this conclusion herself. She is very confused as to where her heart truly lies. Is it Dan? Or Paul?
A Bee in her Bonnet:
Poppy is independent and will protect the ones she loves at all
costs. She doesn't believe anyone could care for her as she is not a typical young Amish woman. She has found herself punching a few boys in her lifetime to get her point across. Can Luke have a place in her heart after putting up with him throughout childhood?
Like a Bee to Honey:
Rose is shy and is easily frightened. She believes that she is a burden to her family. She shys away from any man who shows an interest and is happy to stay home withh Aunt Bitsey and the cats. But Josiah enters the picture and Rose finds him opening the door to her heart that she thought was permanently closed.
All three sisters had their own perceptions as to whom they really were and how they thought they were seen by others. It wasn't what they thought at all. At times, I was aggravated by their beliefs and wanted to shake each one of them out of it. They were prisoners of their own fears. Once they allowed Dan, Luke and Paul into their hearts, they learned that they were lovable just as they were. Aunt Bit had her own surprise at the end.....nothing is always what it seems.
I rate these books 5 stars. I loved the sisters, Aunt Bit and the community that they lived in. When an author can create a character that I loathe such as Paul, that's talent!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Honor Redeemed by Christine Johnson

From the very first page, I was hooked.  I was carried back to a time when your word and honor meant something.  David gave his word to Prosperity.  She believed him and waited for him to come for her.

Her world came crashing down with the death of her mother and when she discovered David married someone else.  How could he?  All her hopes for the future was tied to his promise.

The story continues when Prosperity learns she can have a future without David.  She has choices.  She learns how to honor herself.

 David and Prosperity learn to open their hearts to the unexpected.  With this knowledge it opens up a world of possibilities.

I enjoyed reading this and stayed up late to finish it.  I will recommend to others.  Great read.

Dance and Be Glad by Melissa Wardwell

Dance and Be Glad is a title that we all can live by.  It makes my heart sing just by reading the title of this new book by Melissa Wardwell.  There are two other books that precede this one but you can read this book all by itself.

I really enjoyed Jill and Michael's story.  She is alone raising her daughter after her husband died over 9 years ago.  Life is a struggle for her. Jill is holding on to the past as protection of any chances of being hurt in the future.   But with this comes a price.......she  is not allowing herself to feel true joy and happiness.

Michael is a doctor that thinks his life is going well.  He is planning on opening up a new clinic in town.  He unexpectedly is now raising his young niece.  Can he do it?  He turns to Jill for advice and help.

Jill and Michael were once a couple years ago.  Her father interfered and their relationship was over.  Sparks fly and with the help of Jill's daughter and Michael's niece there might be a chance of a future together.

This book was just like an old-fashioned love story.  Michael knew he had to court Jill to win her back.  I appreciated the integrity of Michael and Jill in this book.  It wasn't all about them.  They had others to think about.  They loved their family and friends and would go out of the way to help others

I enjoyed reading this book.  It was about Jill and Michael but also about their community and the love they had for their children.  I highly recommend this book.

I received this book free to review.

Summer in the Spotlight

Levi was young when he was told by his father that his words didn't matter.  This impacted his whole life.  He kept to himself and said ...