Sunday, February 18, 2018

Amish Cooking Class - The Celebration

Amish Cooking Class - The Celebration

This is the third book in this delightful series by one of my favorite authors, Wanda E. Brunstetter.

I am not a cook so taking a class under Heidi's tutelage would be a treat.

Heidi shares so much with all of her students.  She is a blessing to all.  In turn, Heidi is blessed by her new friends and two small children.  This is the reason to celebrate.

Wanda's books are a reason to celebrate.  The message I receive is giving of ourselves.  With love and thoughtfulness, lives are changed.

I treasure each and every book by Ms. Brunstetter.  Thank you for enriching my life with each book you publish.  I eagerly wait for the next book.

I received this free to review.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

I survived!

I'm tired!

What Dreams May Come by Alana Terry

God did have plans for Susannah and Scott.  Susannah tried to remain faithful but she was discouraged and disappointed.  She thought GOD wanted her to stay in Orchard Groves to care for her sister and to forget her dreams.

But that wasn't the plan.  Inspirational story.  You can't help but want a happy ending but not sure it will happen.

I was pleasantly surprised that part of the story was based on the author's story.

I received this free to review.

About the Author

alana terryAlana is a pastor’s wife, homeschooling mom, self-diagnosed chicken lady, and Christian suspense author. Her novels have won awards from Women of Faith, Book Club Network, Grace Awards, Readers’ Favorite, and more. Alana’s passion for social justice, human rights, and religious freedom shines through her writing, and her books are known for raising tough questions without preaching. She and her family live in rural Alaska where the northern lights in the winter and midnight sun in the summer make hauling water, surviving the annual mosquito apocalypse, and cleaning goat stalls in negative forty degrees worth every second.


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Busy Saturday!!

How busy can a Saturday be when you are retired?  I can't stand setting an alarm but I must on Saturdays.  I start my Saturday at 8:30 am every week at my local Weight Watcher's group.  If you know me, this has been an ongoing struggle my whole life.  I feel that at age 60 it is time to reach goal and keep it off!!

I arrive home to eat breakfast and to get ready for Round 2.  Day with grandkids!!!!!  I have 3 grandchildren- age 9, 7 and almost 5.  I love them to bits but they keep me on my toes.  Today will be interesting as I' m taking them to a birthday party at Zap Zone.  A Saturday at Zap Zone with numerous kids running everywhere sounds like fun!

I will survive!  Keep you posted when I get back to my comfortable recliner and a cup of tea!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

No Small Storm- Ann Mateer

Remembrance (Mem) is the name of the main character in this page turning story.  I don't think I'll forget this story of the storm and Mem rescuing Simon and Timothy in more ways than one.

She works hard rescuing everyone in her family.  But without help Mem might lose what she holds dear to her heart.  She finds it difficult to be vulnerable.  She doesn't find true happiness until she takes a risk.

Can Mem And Simon make their dreams come true?

Enjoyable and a page turner!

I received this free to review.


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About the Author

anne_2_web cropAnne Mateer has loved reading and writing stories since childhood. She is the author of 4 historical novels, 1 historical novella, and a few contemporary short stories. Anne and her husband of 30 years, Jeff, love to visit their grown children and tour historical sites. They are currently living an empty nest adventure in Austin, TX.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This Treacherous Journey

Emma, pregnant and widowed, must flee after being wrongly accused of a crime.  Her twin brother is right by her side as they attempt to travel to Canada.

Simeon must flee to escape his pain.  He felt responsible for his wife's death.  How could he have abandoned his children?    Can he ever forgive himself?  Could he ever love again?a

Simeon and Emma learn that GOD has them in the palm of His hand.  He is always there to guide them and protect them.  As they travel to Canada,  their love begins to develop.  Simeon is afraid that he can't protect Emma.  Emma wants to protect Simeon because she knows she must say good-bye once they reach their destination.

Wonderful story of how God works in mysterious ways.  The author clearly described their environment and location.  I could picture it as I read page after page.  I was right there along side them.

I received this free to review.


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About the Author

MistyMisty M. Beller writes romantic mountain stories, set on the 1800s frontier and woven with the truth of God’s love.
She was raised on a farm in South Carolina, so her Southern roots run deep. Growing up, her family was close, and they continue to keep that priority today. Her husband and daughters now add another dimension to her life, keeping her both grounded and crazy.
God has placed a desire in Misty’s heart to combine her love for Christian fiction and the simpler ranch life, writing historical novels that display God’s abundant love through the twists and turns in the lives of her characters.
Writing is a dream come true for Misty. Her family–both immediate and extended–is the foundation that holds her secure in that dream. Learn more at

Sunday, February 11, 2018

21 Days of Love

I opened this collection and loved every short story that was included in it.

I finished this collection in one night.  Each story had a special message to share of GOD's love for you.  I would have a difficult time to pick just one story as my favorite as each one touched me in someway.  

This would be a great gift for a girlfriend or anyone you know who is having a hard time especially during Valentine's Day.

Great collection by some wonderful authors that I am familiar with.  

I received this free to review.  

About the Author

Kathy Ide-rectangle (1)Compiler and editor KATHY IDE has been a published author since 1989. She has written fiction and nonfiction books and is the author of Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors. She has ghostwritten ten nonfiction books and a series of five novels. She also writes columns of writing and editing tips for blogs and newsletters. Kathy makes her home in Orange County, California.


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Her Good Girl

Sadie was a "Good Girl".  She didn't question her mother or Tara-Lynn as she called her.  Sadie was sick and Sadie was weak.  Sadie was a "Good Girl" when she would let her mother take care of her.

Sadie became friends with Sky and Callie.  Through these friendships, she begins to question if she really is a "Good Girl" or abused girl.

Sadie with her family all get to the point where they have to re-evaluate their lives.  With this re-evaulation, growth and change can occur.

Interesting and thought provoking book.  Sometimes not easy to read but so glad I stuck it out and finished.

I received this free to review.

About the Author

Elaine StockElaine Stock is the author of Always With You, which released in January 2016 and has won the 2017 Christian Small Publishers Association Book of the Year Award in fiction. And You Came Along, a novella, released in December 2017. Her novels fuse romance, family drama and faith in a clean fiction style. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and contributes to the international “Happy Sis Magazine” and “InD’tale Magazine.” In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, she hangs out on her active six-year-old blog, Everyone’s Story, dedicated to uplifting and encouraging all readers through the power of story and hope.
Born in Brooklyn, NY, Elaine has now been living in upstate, rural New York with her husband for more years than her stint as a NYC gal. She enjoys long walks down country roads, visiting New England towns, and of course, a good book.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

211/2018: Liza's Second Chance

"…I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead."
(Philippians 3:13, NLT)

Lisa owned the bakery in town.  She loved her job.  She loved her family and the Amish community she lived in.  She was a widow from a very unhappy marriage.  She appreciated her freedom and never wanted to experience pain and harsh criticism ever again.

Jacob, a widower, moved to Charm, Ohio to start a new life with his teenage daughter.  He prayed that one day he would meet someone to share the rest of his life with.  

Jacob walks into the bakery and he is smitten with Liza.  Was there any chance for the two of them to have a future together?  Will Jacob's daughter accept Liza?

Lisa allowed the past to put up a wall for protection.  Jacob came across a little strong ( in my opinion).  He needed to learn patience.  Jacob's daughter, Ellie, had to work through her grief before she can move forward.

The characters were warm and caring.  Charm, Ohio did have a few residents who were critical and judgmental.  

Great story.  I enjoyed it and loved how it worked out in the end.

I received this for free to review.


To celebrate her tour, Molly is giving away a $75 Amazon gift card!!
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About the Author

6-10-2016 leaning good shot greenshirtMolly Jebber’s books have been featured on Publisher’s Weekly’s Best Ten Recommended Reads, in USA Today’s HEA, Romantic Times and many other media sites. She’s tours and speaks about Amish history/traditions, writing, marketing, publishing, and about her books. She loves God, her family, friends. She enjoys swimming, golf, reading, and says yes to butterscotch pie and parasailing, but no to coconut and skydiving! Visit for a complete list of her books and speaking events.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York- Adele's Journey by Amanda Barratt

My Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York was one of suspense, sacrifice and love.  I have been to Niagara Falls so the location was interesting to me.

Adele came from England to Niagara Falls looking for an American husband to save her family home.  She didn't expect to meet Drew.  Drew was looking for ways to save his sister and would even put his life at risk to do so.

Would Adele and Drew find what they were looking for?  Or did they find that GOD had a plan for them?

I received this free to review.

Friday, February 2, 2018

2/3/2018: Soul's Cry

I read this book and was immediately drawn into the mystery.  I didn't read the first book of this series so it took me awhile to clarify who was who.

Ione, Miriam and Janet all were trying to overcome their pasts.  They each had a secret that they wanted to keep hidden. But sometimes you have to face the past to move forward.

Danger was in the name of Clarence Tamm.  He had a plan.  A Dangerous Plan.

As I read this book, I felt so sad for Ione.  She had gone through so much.  She worked so hard to get where she be accepted by her community.  As Ione was working so hard to be accepted she failed to accept herself.  She neglected her own self worth.  She could not forgive herself of the choices She made.
She failed to realize that she was forgiven by GOD.  With this realization, Ione could open her heart and see all the possibilities that were available to her.  

I received this free to review.

Jody Hedlund- The Last Chance Cowboy

Dylan is trying to do what's right.  He is remorseful of his past.  Will he ever forgive himself?  Will others? Catherine found herself ...