Thursday, February 22, 2018

Misty Beller - A Sweetwater River Romance

Torie and Opal were fleeing from evil.  They didn't know that they were running towards a new life:  a life filled with GOD's love and protection. Torie never met a man like Ezra.  Could she trust him?  Could she open her heart?

Ezra didn't expect Torie and Opal to show up at his front door.  He especially didn't expect to fall in love.

I loved this book.  It had all the elements that I love: the location, the time period, mystery, romance, danger and the promise of GOD'S neverending care and love.

I received this free to review.

Misty Beller:
I love books. I always have, and my love affair only grows stronger.

There's something about immersing myself in a story - becoming an intimate part of new lives, feeling their struggles. The desperation, the elation, the emotions, the love.

I don't know about you, but my life can get crazy...busy...chaotic. Historical fiction gives me a haven, allowing me to immerse in a simpler time and place. And add in remote mountain settings - log cabins and horses and snow...what could be better?

As a Godly woman, Christian romantic fiction is even more of a draw because it provides a place where I don’t always have to be concerned about inappropriate language or too-graphic love scenes.  It’s a “safe zone” where my imagination and emotions can run wild and free, living out exciting times and experiencing God-orchestrated happily-ever-afters – without having to clean-up at the end of the day.  

I hope you'll spend some time with me, releasing yourself into the abandon of a great book.

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