Monday, February 15, 2021

The Rose Keeper by Jennifer Lamont Leo


Clara kept to herself.  She didn't let anyone in.  She prided herself for being a good nurse  and she loved her roses.  Everything else she kept at a distance.

But was it enough?  Clara's quiet existence was about to change.  A new tenant has moved in the apartment building.  And she had a young daughter!

A lovely story about Clara and how she "bloomed" and grew after Laurie and Rosalie moved in.    Clare's story was quite touching.  The relationship Clara shared with Laurie and her daughter, Rosalie, impacted the way Clara saw the world.  With this change, Clara opened her heart to others and with GOD.  What an impact this made in not only Clare's life but with so many others.  

I received this book from the author, Jennifer Lamont Leo, to give a honest review.  Thank you as this story touched me as well.  I highly recommend that you pick up a copy.  


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