Sunday, February 21, 2021

The Wedding Planner by Laura Brighton

 Just discovered a new author and I had to share.  Her name is Laura Brighton.  Her books are based on Tybee Island.  Sounds like a wonderful place to live or visit.  

This story is about The Wedding Planner on the island.  Her name is Rachel.  Rachel has suffered heartbreak in her early years.  She thought she was over it but as the story unfolds she realizes she has much to learn about healing and forgiveness.

I was enjoying the story when it abruptly ends.  What?  I have to wait to the next book!!  I will keep a look out for the next one as I have to find out if Rachel gets the answers she needs to move forward.

I received this for free from Book Sirens to give a honest review.

About Laura Brighton

Laura Brighton lives on the southeast coast of the United States, full of sunny beaches, beautiful marshes and stories that speak to the heart. Her women's contemporary fiction resonates with women of all ages. And so does her blatant addiction to good books and great food!

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