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The Orphan in the Peacock Shawl

Life was going great.  Annabelle loved her home and especially loved the woman who took her in all those years ago.  Annabelle had no worries.   Mum tried to prepare her for the future but Annabelle wouldn't listen. And now she found herself in trouble!!

I loved the book. This is my first by Annemarie Brear.  I enjoyed all of the characters in the book.  I especially liked Nellie.  She had a heart of gold.  Annabelle learned that her "normal" was not everyone else's normal.  She was learning survival skills  by Nellie and by Nellie's children.

The title mentions the peacock shawl.  A shawl is a wrap to keep you warm or protected (a cover).  The spiritual meaning of a peacock feather is a symbol of peace.  I took this symbolism of Annabelle and the infant were wrapped in GOD's love and peace.  It took awhile for Annabelle to realize this and make the difficult decision she needed to make.

As you read this story, you can assume it was going to turn out one way.  It had some twists and turns in the story line that surprises you.  

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Yorkshire Dales 1850

As a terrible storm rages, Annabelle Wallis is shocked to find a distressed young woman at her cottage door, heavy with child. Moments later a baby girl is born. But by dawn, the mother has vanished, leaving behind the helpless child wrapped only in a silk peacock shawl.When news spreads that Lady Eliza Hartley, sister to wealthy estate owner, John Hartley, has been found dead, Annabelle realises the terrible secret she has stumbled on. Terrified she’ll be blamed for Eliza’s death, Annabelle flees to the filthy slums of York, where she plans to raise the precious orphan as her own.The cobbled streets of York’s slums are no place for a young woman like Annabelle or a Hartley babe and John Hartley is determined to bring them both home. But Annabelle proves impossible to find.Annabelle can’t hide forever from the wealthy Hartley family, but can she ever give up the baby she loves?

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AnneMarie Brear is the bestselling historical fiction writer of over twenty novels. She lives in the Southern Highlands in NSW, and has spent many years visiting and working in the UK. Her books are mainly set in Yorkshire, from where her family hails, and Australia, between the nineteenth century and WWI.

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