Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Christmas at the Little Knitting Box

I'm a crocheter but it didn't stop me from reading this cute story. A chance for love at Christmas.

I so wanted Cleo to be happy.  Is Dylan the one for her?  

Helen Rolfe wrote this delightful book.  I haven't read much by this author but I'm anxious to read more.

There just might be a chance of a Happily ever after amongst the skeins of yarn.



Helen Rolfe writes romantic fiction and women's fiction. She enjoys weaving stories about family, friendship, secrets, and community. Characters often face challenges and must fight to overcome them, but above all, Helen's stories always have a happy ending. Location is a big part of the adventure in Helen's books and she enjoys setting stories in different cities and countries around the world. So far, locations have included Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Connecticut, Bath and the Cotswolds. She also loves creating village settings or places with a small-town feel and a big sense of community. Born and raised in the UK, Helen graduated from University with a business degree and began working in I.T. This job took her over to Australia where she eventually turned her attentions back to the career she'd dreamt of when she was fourteen. She studied writing and journalism and wrote articles for women's health and fitness magazines. Helen began writing fiction in 2011 and hasn't missed the I.T. world one little bit... in fact she may just have found her dream job! You can find Helen at:


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