Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Managing Millie


The conclusion to this wonderful series did not disappoint.  Millie was hard to manage but she was wise beyond her years.  She knew what she wanted and it was Troy.

It is hard to fathom how life was like then.  Susan Pope Sloan did a fantastic job describing the chaos and pain that so many suffered from during this period of time.

A great story that kept me entertained to the very last page.  I highly recommend reading all three books of this series.

Susan Pope Sloan


Susan is a Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, writer and speaker. She calls herself a history junkie, grammar umpire, critical reader, and sporadic singer. Although retired, Susan stays busy with her local Toastmasters clubs and Word Weavers Columbus. Her writing includes non-fiction, children’s stories, and historical fiction. Susan hopes her writing will engage and inspire others to live well.

After retiring from a career in technical writing, Susan turned to Christian fiction to combine her love of history and language. She and her husband live in Georgia. Her current project is a historical novel series, but she enjoys writing children’s stories for her grandchildren.

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