Friday, May 26, 2023

The Unwanted Amish Twin


Emma and Isobel were twins that were separated when they were only a few days old.  They lived so very different lives.  Emma was Amish and Isobel was an Englisher.  

One morning Emma answered the door and standing in front of her was her twin.  At that moment, their lives changed forever.

I did not expect the book to end the way it did.  I was surprised.  I won't give it away. But hold on to your chair!!

I enjoy reading Samantha Price' books.  This was a stand alone book.  I liked this one but there were times where I wanted to shake the daylights out of...I promised I won't give away the story.

I received to ebook from the author herself, Samantha Price.  Thank you.

Samantha Price is a USA Today bestselling author of Amish romance books and cozy mysteries. She was raised Brethren and has a deep affinity for the Amish way of life, which she has explored extensively with over a decade of research.

All her books are clean and wholesome reads. 

Samantha is mother to two pampered rescue cats, and a very spoiled staffy with separation issues.

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