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A New Doctor at Orchard Cottage Hospital

I started this around 9:00 pm but before I knew it, it was 3:30 am.  I couldn't put it down. I forced myself to put it down.  I would never get up at this rate.

I have read a few of Lizzie Lane's books.  I have enjoyed everyone.  This is no  exception. I really liked Frances Isabelle Brakespeare.  She had spunk.  She studied hard to be a doctor after suffering a terrible loss.  She was apprehensive about taking the position at Orchard Cottage Hospital.  

Frances barely could take a breather when she arrived at the hospital.  She soon learned that she had much to learn about the community and the residents of this town.

I received this book from Boldwood Books to review.




A New Doctor at Orchard Cottage Hospital

A country town in need of a good Doctor, but will they accept her as one of their own?

Somerset, March 1930

Born in the workhouse and adopted by a former suffragette, Frances Brakespeare was encouraged from an early age to be strong, independent and to pursue a career as a doctor. The tragic loss of the love of her life in the Great War propels Frances to commit to her one true vocation.

Rebelling against the unfair treatment of female doctors Frances is dismissed from her London post and things continue to take a turn for the worse when Izzy, her benefactress dies and Frances finds herself homeless.

With no employment or roof over her head her future seems uncertain until she’s offered a residency at the Orchard Cottage Hospital in Norton Dene, Somerset. a town where quarrying and coal mining scar the land.

It’s a far cry from London and towns narrow minds are not so welcoming of a young, female Doctor, but she’s determined to win through.

At first sight the town seems quaintly old fashioned, a place where nothing much happens but there are secrets and sins bubbling beneath the surface plus a mystery she's determined to solve.

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Lizzie Lane was born and brought up in one of the toughest areas of Bristol, as the eldest of three siblings. Her mother, who had endured both the depression and war years, was a natural born storyteller, and it's from her telling of actual experiences of the tumultuous first half of the twentieth century that Lizzie gets her inspiration. Lizzie now lives in Bath, preferring to lead a simple life where she can write without interruption.

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