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A Safe Haven on Beamer Street


Elodie found herself in a terrible predicament.  She must flee from her husband and find "A Safe Haven on Beamer Street".  Her safety and the well being of her child was dependent of it.

There was no better place for Elodie than Beamer Street.  The people on the street were more than just neighborly.   They became family.  Well, one neighbor can be a little bit of a pain.  

I read the previous book "Finding Friends on Beamer Street".  I would recommend reading this first as you get to know the characters that appear in this book as well.

I really enjoyed the book.  I was afraid for Elodie. Her husband was pure evil. 

I received this book from Boldwood Books to review.


A Safe Haven on Beamer Street
Liverpool 1924
Trapped in an abusive marriage to Lord Caraway with her beloved daughter Melissa, 24-year-old Lady Elodie Caraway knows she has to escape before her deepest and darkest secrets are revealed giving her husband every reason to seek his revenge. But time is of the essence, if she is to save herself and Melissa.
With the help of lifelong friend Aiden Newman, they swiftly leave Oakland Hall for a new life in Liverpool's docklands. On arrival, Elodie and Melissa are welcomed as lodgers by Molly Haywood’s family, Aidens aunt – no questions are asked.
Changing her name, Ellie dreams of following in the footsteps of her ancestors, setting up an apothecary to help heal those less fortunate and soon Ellie’s talents are called upon to help Mary-Jane Everdine bring her unborn child safely into the world.
But is Ellie’s tragic past about to catch up with her? Can she save herself and her young daughter from the cruel hands of Lord Caraway?
The next thrilling instalment in Sheila Riley’s Beamer Street series.
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Author Bio – 
Sheila Riley was a ladies hairdresser for over twenty years before hanging up her scissors and taking up her pen. Her burning life-long ambition to write took the form of short stories, and she went on to win the Northwest Libraries Time To Read Competition before her short stories were published in women's weekly magazines.
In 2003 Sheila joined the Romantic Novelists Association's New Writer's Scheme, which gave her the impetus and the confidence to engage in longer projects that included her love of history and research, which took her into another writing direction.
Her first novel went on for a prized second read in the NWS and she was later published by Harper Collins. A few years and more published novels later, Sheila joined award winning Boldwood Books and is proud to say she was one of their very first authors.
Sheila writes heart warming, bestselling historical sagas set in her homeland of Merseyside where, sometimes, there lurks a darker heart entangled in mystery.
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