Wednesday, June 9, 2021

To Find Her Place ( Redemption's Light- 2) by Susan Anne Mason

 We all at some time or another attempt to find our place in the world. Where do we belong?  What career should I study for?    Should I marry or stay single?  Jane was building a new life for herself.  She had difficult choices to make.  Garrett was hired to oversee the operations at Children's Aid Society where Jane worked.  This added more confusion for Jane just when she thought she had everything figured out.

I enjoyed the story as Jane was a Social Worker.  This was what I have my degree in.  I could completely understand how she felt about her clients.  It is difficult to distance yourself from getting too involved.  

The book was heart wrenching at times.  The characters were wonderfully written.  I hated to say good bye to Jane and Garrett's story.  

I look forward to each and every book by Susan Anne Mason.  She is on my favorite authors' list.

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