Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Last Wedding- The Amish Bonnet Sisters


Cherish has been dreaming of her wedding for a very long time.  Until that day, she has much to worry about.  Will everything work out as she planned?

I was just introduced to this series in book 29.  But it was easy to catch on and enjoy the camaraderie of this family.  There is always something going on. 

Cherish's Mom, Wilma, is afraid of letting Cherish go.  She is afraid of being alone. This is a common feeling when it is your last child.  Wilma also just lost her husband.  She needs the family to be there for her.  They understand what she is feeling and will make sure that she will get the love and attention she needs to go forward in her life.

Will the sisters find happiness?  I really hope Favor's situation changes.  I got real upset reading about her situation.  I just wanted to shake her husband and in-laws.  Wouldn't you?

I received this book from the author to review.


Samantha Price is a USA Today bestselling author of Amish romance books and cozy mysteries. She was raised Brethren and has a deep affinity for the Amish way of life, which she has explored extensively with over a decade of research.
She is mother to two pampered rescue cats and a very spoiled staffy with separation issues.

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