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Where You Are & How to Get There Excerpt Three

Where You Are & How to Get There Epic Book Launch

About the Book
Book: Where You Are & How to Get There
Author: Nolan Ryan Recker
Genre: Lifestyle
Release date: August 4, 2022
Have you ever had the thought or asked yourself the question, “How did I get here?”
You know, the kind of question examining the indirect decisions and circumstances that led you to the point life that you even need to ask such a question.
One of the oldest questions ever recorded in human history speaks to this very question we ask ourselves in moments of doubt. What if that ancient question was a question we ought to ask ourselves on a regular basis?
Journey with me as we wrestle with a question that if meant for us, today, would change everything about we view the life we choose to live.

Where You Are & How to Get There Excerpt Three
I have heard it said we start thinking and asking the question Who am I?” around the time we start walking. Obviously, we arent articulating this question consciously. I am a father of two children and I donremember either of my boys asking around eighteen months old, Dad, who am I?”  

I hear girls develop quicker than boys, so maybe the readers with daughters have experienced such a phenomenon.  

At each life transition, we are both not actively thinking about and sometimes thinking about asking the question, Who am I?”  

When we were toddlers and had our first experience of independence, we communicated as best we can whenever we wanted to be free and move about a space. What this means is that we are recognizing a sense of separation between ourselves and our caregivers.  
Each new first” in our lives impacts and influences how and what we think about ourselves.  

And if youre human, the older and more aware you be- come, the more you will not only think about Who am I?” but will battle against Who do other people think that I am?”  


Nolan’s toughest and rewarding opportunities are being a husband and a father. As a husband and a father, Nolan wants his family members to discover and live a flourishing life. Nolan’s life experience has covered the spectrum from being a camp counselor to a school teacher to a custodian to a Lead Pastor of a church. This, is why he writes. If he wrestles with the ideas he writes about, maybe others wrestle with the same things, and if they do, would they benefit from a different perspective? He’s honored to listen to anyone who graces him with their time to tell their story; especially if it involves coffee or pizza.

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